Promo Codes: Bag Bigfoot


For years explorers and adventurers have tried to capture just a glimpse of the legendary Bigfoot. Now Bigfoot has been spotted. Can you out-smart Bigfoot and bag him? The task is not easy. If BigFoot makes it to the forest he’s a goner. So place your trapping pillars carefully to block his escape. Your score depends on how quickly you can capture BigFoot. So get going and be the first to Bag Bigfoot.

Bag Bigfoot is a challenging strategy game where you attempt to capture the mythical Bigfoot by dropping stone pillars on a classic strategy game hexagonal map. At first this looks easy, but as you progress to higher levels Bigfoot will learn from his mistakes and there will be less pillars left around from other explorers to trap him. The unique interface allows you to accurately select any hex and place a blocking pillar. Easy to play and yet very challenging to beat, Bag Bigfoot will give you hours and hours of great game play. Bag Bigfoot also features an automatic game save, so you can come back to your game in progress at any time. You can also manually save up to three games as well.

HINT: Some applications on the iPhone/iPod touch can leave the system with a limited amount of memory. To prevent problems you can restart your phone/ipod by powering down and then powering back again.

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Price $0.99

Promo Codes

To win this game leave a comment below. It’s that simple!

14 Responses

  1. Does everyone win? it doesn’t say you need to win, it says to just leave a comment.. I confused..Lol

  2. LOL this sounds great hahaa 😀

  3. Looks really fun

  4. Any game with Bigfoot has a shot at greatness. Count me in.

  5. Oops, I posed on the other site. Anyway looks very fun and nicely done, I’d like to give it a try. Thanks!

  6. I like a code to bag bigfoot if possible for my kid brother.
    This game looks great!

  7. Comment. 🙂
    Jk, most games by playscreen are good, this seems to follow the line.

  8. Looks like a challenging, polished puzzle game. Sweet! can never get enough of them.

  9. cool

  10. Great! thx

  11. Congrats! Steve. You are the first winner. Please leave a review on App Store and Thank you message for the Developer on our Blog. Enjoy!

  12. Looks like a nice game!

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