App Review: Lifecards


Lifecards successfully breaks the monotony of regular emails and picture messages to convey that special message!


– More than 350 templates in 20 categories with more to come.
– Up-to 4 photos per template.
– Control scale, position, and rotating of photos.
– Control alignment, color, size, and font of text.
– Complex visual engine allows free pan and zoom while manipulating card.
– Automatically adapts to landscape and portrait mode.
– Save cards to finish them later
– Automatic save and restore when you exit and reenter the application
– Change templates without changing contents

Lifecards is great way to share what your are thinking, doing or dreaming about. It has a very intuitive interface which makes creating your Lifecard very easy and an enjoyable experience.

Once you select ‘Create new card’ you are presented with various categories (Beach, Filmstrip, Winter and many more) which further have different themes. After you’ve selected your theme, you get various customization options.

Customization options include:

  • Text (Alignment, Color, Size and 19 fonts which you can preview)
  • Add picture from Photo Album (Pan/Zoom/Rotate)

At this stage if you feel you are not happy with the theme you can still change it without losing your text and pictures you just added.

When you feel you’ve got what you wanted tap save (you are presented with a preview) tap save again and there you get two options, either to save for later use (re-edit later) or Export to Photo Album. After you’ve Exported to Photo Album you can exit the app and email the card you created.

The entire interface from creation to completion of the card is very well thought and implemented.

Lifecards will certainly make your friends feel jealous of your iPhone/iPod touch.

Price $2.99

The Good

  • A lot of customization options
  • A very structured interface

The Not So Good

  • The resolution of the card is a bit low

Promo Codes

To win this app leave a comment below telling us why you want it and Tweet the following:

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It’s that simple!

Lifecards Screenshots


24 Responses

  1. When school is over in June, I’ll be off for a trip of a lifetime to the South Pacific, with a new iPod Touch and a digital camera. I keep my photos on the Touch, and Lifecards will let me spruce up my photos and send them as postcards (I LOVE postcards, I collect them in my travels!). This will be my first international trip in 20 years, Lifecards is one app I want with me!

  2. Who wouldn’t want LifeCards that go everywhere with you and fit into your pocket?

  3. I think i would want this app because I cannot buy any apps at the moment. My friends would really have fun with this app on my iPhone, and alot of other things! I have also been looking for a app like this.

  4. First Giveaway!


    If you win please Tweet “@row_13 I won Lifecards Promo Code”

  5. This is very nice, its kinda similar to writing a blog i guess? But its also, like making mini powerpoint presentations. Very nice App, seems like an App that i have been looking for.

  6. I would like this app because it looks really great, and right now I cant afford any apps. I would be really thankful if you gave me this app.Good luck to everyone else on getting this app

  7. looks awesome! this one will be a good addition to my photography collection (album, photofx, photobooth, lomo, etc.).

  8. I would love a copy of Lifecards to help stay in better contact with family and friends. Thanks for the chance.

  9. Looks very good! Looks a lot more intuitive than something like ColorSplash! (tomc1995 on twitter lol)

  10. I guess after buying Brushes, photofx, iDoodle2, ColorSplash, Sketches and more this will be the one application i WANT to combine all the outputs of the other ones into one result that will make everyone jealous 🙂

  11. I love picture Apps. I’m ALL about photography and editing things! 😀

  12. Very slick looking app! Hope I get to try it!

  13. I like a post card app and this looks like the one I am looking for!

  14. I’d like this app because my emails are really boring and plain and I want them to look really good

  15. This would be AWESOME to keep in touch with out of state family members in a way that seems more personal than just an email. I think this is a great idea!

  16. I want it to give my friends even more iPhone envy!

  17. Looks cool! I’ll take a copy if you have one!

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