App Review: BellyButton


Belly Button is a fun app and definitely an attention grabber!

– 7 “Skins” – (Innie, Outie, Beer Belly, Six Pack, Hula Girl, Hairy, Navel Orange)
– 5 “Giggles” – (2 Male , 2 Female and Toddler giggles included.)
– Roulette Mode – For the Fart lovers out there.. . where too much tickling will get you one.
– Vibrate switch
– 100% Lint Free

Since the launch of App Store we have witnessed more than 20,000 Apps but still the creativity and fun element  does not seem to cease, BellyButton certainly lives up to the same expectation.

BellyButton does not have many features it’s just a simple app which displays picture of a Belly which you can choose from available options. Current version of BellyButton supports 7 skins, 5 giggles, Roulette Mode and a Vibrate switch.

Once you choose the skin you want, select the giggle and tap done you get a picture (High Resolution) of the Belly you selected and when you move your finger over the Belly you can see it wobble and hear it giggle, turn on the Roulette Mode and have fun.

For those wanting an inspiration to get those ‘Perfect Abs” BellyButton will surely solve your purpose too!

Price $0.99

The Good

  • Attention grabber
  • The giggles will make you laugh too!

Feature Requests

  • More Belly customization options could be added
  • Ability to record your own voice.

Promo Codes

Win by leaving a comment below telling us how you would use this app. It’s that simple!

BellyButton Screenshots


10 Responses

  1. Sounds like a fun unique app. Would be very funny, I would love to show this to my brother haaha

  2. I’d use it to imagine I actually fulfilled my dream of having a tan six pack.

  3. I would write a Review on my iTouchblog. =)

  4. I would use it to drive my dog nuts 🙂

  5. i would use dancing with my ipod :d

  6. I would use it to show people what innie and outie and the like actually mean

  7. Good idea for a fun app. I would use this to highlight the application of a unique idea and to build support for my own silly ideas.

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