App Review: Flight Control


Firemint’s new casual game “Flight Control” is an awesome game with very simple yet extremely addictive gameplay.

– Incredibly simple, but amazingly engaging.
– Experience all the glamor of the golden era of aviation.
– Beautiful graphics and animation.
– Play in-game sound or listen to your own iTunes music.
– 4 different aircraft including helicopters.
– Play to improve your high score or statistics.
– Insanely addictive ‘one more go’ gameplay.

Flight Control gives you total control over LA’s air space with the touch of a finger!

The objective of Flight Control is to be able to control the Air Traffic by simply drawing a path for the Aircrafts and Helicopters to land on the runway or helipad. The game begins with an aerial view of the two runways and one helipad. The aircrafts start appearing on the screen from random directions (red color exclamation mark pointing out the location) and you have to trace it’s path to the runway. As you successfully keep landing these aircrafts the speed and the number keeps increasing.

The game becomes very engaging as you can change the path drawn to avoid collision with other aircrafts, giving you complete control and the ability to trace endless alternate paths.

Flight Control becomes quite challenging and great fun as you score higher and try to improve you stats.

I highly recommend buying Flight Control, it will surely keep you engaged for a long time!

Price $0.99 (Sale), Actual $2.99

The Good

  • Very addictive
  • Replay value high

The Not So Good

  • Only one map (could be more challenging with buildings around)
  • Online scoreboard is missing.

Flight Control Screenshots


6 Responses

  1. […] Firemint missed out on adding Global Score feature in Flight Control. I covered this aspect in my review and hope Firemint adds Global High Score and Facebook Connect feature in the future […]

  2. this is awesome, anybody know where i can find an online version of this. i played it on my friend’s itouch and it was awesome

  3. What a great little pick up n play game. Well with the 99cents. It’s so addictive and hopefully a future update will include more airports with different runway layouts and perhaps so hazards, flock of birds perhaps?!

  4. Downloaded this game several days ago. It is awesome! Listen to this review and go buy it now. For 99 cents its a steal.

  5. reminds me of the time when i was young and i had my own airport where i can simply touchdown as and when i want. 🙂

  6. Sounds like playing God with airplanes.

    And who wouldn’t love THAT?!? 🙂

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