App Review: iBaby Photo Pro


iBaby Photo Pro is an application can make babies smile and look at the camera when trying to capture that precious moment to share with others.


-More Sounds

-Better Interface

-No Ads

-Better Pictures

-Picture Preview

This application can be used by anyone who has trouble getting their baby to smile and look at their iphone while trying to capture that cute moment.

You can choose from 5 different noises, which include: baby toys, more toys, xylophone, baby laugh, and squeaky toy. Once the sound is chosen the camera layout comes up, here you can see the preview and retake the picture too. The whole time the camera layout is up the sound you chose is playing in a loop format.

With iBaby Photo Pro capturing that Kodak moment of your babies will be easier than before.

Price $0.99

The Good

  • Retake Option
  • Move & Scale pics

The Not So Good

  • Not always guaranteed a look or smile

Promo Codes

To win this app tell us why you want it. It’s that simple!

iBaby Photo Pro Screenshots


4 Responses

  1. Second Giveaway!



    Tweet “@row_13 i won iBaby Photo Pro Promo Code” if you win!



    Tweet “@row_13 i won iBaby Photo Pro” if you win!

  3. This is a very useful app! Great!

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