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steakApp Description

With the possible exception of the odd birthday and Christmas, a man’s effort often goes unrecognized.

With St Valentines day now a staple on every Females social calendar, it is only fair that we recognize an annual day of thanks & pay homage to something a man can’t & shouldn’t go without- a juicy steak.

So here it is. An app that that keeps every girl & guy on top of how many days remain until it’s time to show the one they love, just how much they are appreciated.

Become part of a social phenomenon & embrace Steak Day by downloading this app now.

On the 31st of March this app will be updated with features for you to personalize this app to your own taste.

When the app is opened on a weekly basis a “real” voice will let you know how many weeks there is until Steak Day & every month new wallpaper will be added for you to view.

In the week approaching March 14th every day you will be reminded of just how close you are to being appreciated!

Ladies if you love and adore your man, he’s sure to work just that little bit harder at making the 14th Feb a special day for you, when you let him know the 14th of March is all about him!

Price $0.99

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  5. I want Steak day promo codes!!! really much!

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