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Bill Shakespeare might be dead but he’s come out of retirement to work the modern age, with Curse Me you can generate insults like you’re the master himself.

Have you ever needed to put a smart co-worker in his place? In today’s world it is simply not acceptable to blatantly speak your mind. Curse Me will help you come up with a priceless insult which would add humiliation if your target needs to reach for the dictionary just to understand the insult.

Take Curse Me with you to the pub and enjoy a good chuckle with some friends.

Generate over 500,000 unique curses which will most likely cause you to laugh at it.

Price $0.99

Promo Codes

To win this app Follow ‘row_13’ on Twitter (http:) and Tweet the following:

@row_13 Visit for #iphone app promo codes I want Curse Me!

It’s that simple!

Curse Me Screenshots


3 Responses

  1. Promo Code Hunt 10

    Curse Me


    Please leave a comment or Tweet if you win!

  2. I win Yay!!

  3. Promo Code Hunt 3


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