Promo Codes: Spank The Monkey (STM)

stmApp description

When talking about stress management, each little amount of exercise is valuable. With that in mind STM is a tool for every stressed out office cubicle worker or repressed average joe that just needs to spank someone or something.

Just shake your iPhone/iPod to make the monkey scream!

– One very happy monkey
– One very sore monkey

Upcoming updates:
– Feedback system
– Facebook Connect

Feature requests:
Over time we will add other features to ensure spanking the monkey is something you can do wherever you want without feeling the need to go postal.

Until then … use what you have.

What’s new

– Sound added
– New design
– Fixed high scores download & notification

Price $0.99

Promo Codes

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Spank The Monkey (STM) Screenshot


2 Responses

  1. Promo Code Hunt 2


  2. simple mindless addictive gameplay. thats what i want.

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