App Review: My Past Life


My Past Life is an application that tells you all about your previous life


Who were you in your last life?

This mystical application can answer that question for you!

To learn about your past life, enter your birthday of your present life.

The My Past Life Analysis was originally developed by Rajii S. Aeryn. The author claims no responsibility for the correctness of the calculation and gives no warranties thereto.

Please note that neither do I!

It is up to you how you interpret the information given by this application; However, you should know that this software is only slightly more sophisticated than an electronic fortune cookie.

Well what can I can say, My Past Life has nice graphics and  is far prettier than iPhone version of the (almost) infamous and well copied “previous life predictor” that has drifted from format to format last seen on the internet as a web page script.

The font used near throughout the app is particularly annoying, luckily your prediction is in Helvetica so far more comfortable to read.

As for the prediction, there was plenty there that was true with my personality today which was spooky and other stuff I wish was true but I certainly don’t remember any of it lol. This of course is just my personal experience so yours will probably vary.

I can’t take this application that seriously and neither should you, it’s fun for all of 15 minutes at most, maybe more if you have a huge social circle and a quiet moment you could do their predictions too but other than that, there’s not much else to this application but the price however is correct for what it can do.

Feature Request

I would like to see the ability to send your prediction to the mail application so you can send whatever result you get to your friends

Price $0.99

The good

  • It’s fun
  • spookily accurate for me
  • price to function ratio

The not so good

  • short lived
  • prediction limited to in application viewing

Promo Codes

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My Past Life Screenshots

2 Responses

  1. Seems like another one of those apps that goes to show how easy it must be to create an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, otherwise why would anyone bother! 🙂

    Could be fun though and for $0.99 who can complain!


  2. Looks like it could be fun. Again, as you said, it does appear to be limited in its reuseability after the first use. I suppose you could entertain friends with it. :shrugs:

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