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itoonyApp Description

iToony allows you to decorate and share your iPhone photos quickly and easily. iToony uses simple gestures. Want a speech bubble? Draw a circle. Want a caption? Draw a straight line. Swipe with two fingers to undo mistakes.

– Quickly turn your favorite snapshot into a comic
– Annotate photos with bubbles and captions
– Draw, sketch and decorate in many colors
– Move bubbles and captions around the photo
– Flickr or Picasa support for sharing
– Browse/decorate your Flickr and Picasa photos
– Save to your library for more sharing options

With iToony, you’ll be an iToonist in no time!

What’s new

– fixed fuzzy image when saving to library
– fixed dragging tail problem

Price $2.99

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iToony Screenshots

4 Responses

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  3. My iTunes Review:-

    What they’ve done here they’ve done very nicely, very easy to select pictures and equally simple to add speech and thought bubbles. However, how many times I’d actually use it is another matter.

  4. I can see that this would be a fun addition to the iPhone/iPod Touch. Not sure about the price though, with the current functionality I would say it’s worth no more than $0.99/


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