Promo Codes: My Tag Show

tagshowApp Description

My Tag Show is the quick and fun way to view slide shows of public image feeds, your private images and private images from your friends and family. You can even find images that were taken nearby. You choose what tags to include in the search and My Tag Show will randomly find stuff from various photo sharing sites. My Tag Show will even start with a randomly suggested search to get you started.

– picasa web album feeds
– google images search
– flickr feeds
– view private picasa and flickr images
– view friends and family flickr images
– find photos nearby
– double tap image for detailed info
– see photo locations in google maps
– watch slides while listening to music
– swipe to next/prev slides
– pinch to zoom in on slides
– watch the show in landscape mode
– save images to photo album
– use it to find fun wallpaper for your phone
– email link to images
– open image page in safari
– send the images to iToony
– send images to Twinkle

Price $0.99

Promo Codes

Tweet “Follow @row_13 for app reviews and promo codes #iPhone. I want My Tag Show”

My Tag Show Screenshots

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