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sq8App Description

SQ8 (“squeight”) is a puzzle game in the tradition of Lights Out, Simon, and the beloved Rubik’s Cube. You win when all the tiles are the same color. Sounds easy, but each tile is related to any number of other tiles.

SQ8 is the simplest, truest essence of “play”
There is only action, reaction, and accomplishment.
You’ll find it easy to pick up and hard to put down, I guarantee it.

3 levels of difficulty
Shake your device to restart
Progress is saved on quit or interruption

Learn more at our website:!

Version 2.0 is on its way with more levels and a worldwide scoreboard.

What’s new

Version 1.1 bring you:
better, faster user interface
updated sound effects
better graphics
more sensitive shake-to-restart
Crazy! difficulty is slightly easier
and, best of all, SQ8 now smells better

Price $0.99

Promo Codes

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SQ8 Screen Shots

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