App Review: AirCoaster Online


Air Coaster Online is here to get your head swinging and make you experience a roller coaster ride on your iPhone/iPod touch as real as Life!

Enjoy AirCoaster 3D by:

* Riding an auto-generated track – no two adventures are the same. Buckle up, tap a button and you are ready to go.

* Creating and riding your own track using our 3D interactive multi-touch track editor.

* Download tracks created by others, or upload your own. Browse the most popular or most recently uploaded tracks (like the app store, popularity gives more weight to recently downloaded tracks).

AirCoaster Online is an absolute visual treat. It simulates a roller coaster ride on your iPhone/iPod touch with great detail and stunning graphics.

The app offers you various realistic themes (from ocean Sunset to grassy Overhang to Red Dawn and much more) to experience the roller coater ride. After you adjust the random track generator to create your own ride and choose your theme you are ready to roll. Once you start your ride the app will simulate the actual experience of  a roller coaster ride by varying speed, altitude and turns. To make your ride even more realistic it also supports voice of people screaming so you are not alone! The theme and the roller coaster tracks can be changed anytime while on the ride.

AirCoater Online also supports custom track editor to keep you busy rolling for hours and hours until you get dizzy. The track editor let’s you create your own custom ride the way you like it. You can design and alter Height, loops, add corkscrew and spirals to your ride.

Version 2.1 of AirCoaster Online adds the functionality to share and download tracks from the ever growing AirCoaster community. This feature makes this beautiful app even better. It’s fun to see what others are creating and also share your creativity.

AirCoaster Online is a true representation of the graphical power of iPhone/iPod touch. So, get it and show your friends what your phone can do!

I highly recommend  AirCoaster Online.

Price $0.99

The Good

  • Stunning graphics
  • Track editor
  • Download and share tracks

The Not So Good

  • Can’t use after a heavy meal
  • Can get you dizzy

Promo Codes

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AirCoaster Online Screenshots

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  2. Hunt Promo Code 2


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  3. didn’t work for me 😦

  4. Awesome!!! I won! Thank you!

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  6. Definitely would like to have this one! 😀

  7. This is the app I must have to showcase my Touch! 🙂

  8. This looks amazing!

  9. First post! OMG This looks awesome!! track editor yay!!

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