App Review: iShred Guitar + Effects

iShred is a must have for all guitar and music lovers!

Adrenaline: Treble Booster for that extra shot
* HK-2000 Delay: For fat slap sound or huge echo
* Hot Fuzz: Get buzzed with an electrifying distortion
* Kömpressör: Power chords just beg for it
* Q-36 Space Modulator: Multi-pattern modulation
* Sybil: Dual chorus pedal to hear your evil twin
* Trembler: Get a healthy dose of Tremolo
* Wahsabi: Tilt your iPhone to control this wah pedal!

From the moment you click on the iShred logo and the guitar spins smoothly into place you know that this app has been built with care and attention and right away you can start strumming the strings to create what has to be the most accurate guitar sound the iPhone has heard.

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