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Tweetie is without a doubt the Best Twitter app available in the App Store and miles ahead of other Twitter apps.

Version 1.3 Supports the following new features:

  • Post pictures with Mobypicture and yfrog (in addition to TwitPic)
  • New “Link” button to Add to Instapaper faster, and repost individual links
  • View full-size profile images
  • Dark theme
  • Ping.fm integration
  • Tweetshrink integration
  • Twitlonger integration
  • German localization
  • Russian localization
  • Allow DMs up to 255 characters
  • Many UI tweaks
  • Play back Song.ly links
  • Option to use “RT” syntax
  • Better feedback for posting a Map link
  • Improved international date formatting
  • Detect invalid profile images
  • Fixed account sorting
  • Fixed profile image URL decoding
  • Fixed links with # anchors
  • Fixed “(null)” problem when using bookmarklet
  • Fixed problem with @ character in password field


– Handle multiple twitter accounts

– View your timeline, replies, and direct messages

– Manage your favorite tweets

– Browse your friends and followers

– Post new tweets, repost tweets

– Reply directly to tweets and send direct messages

– Follow and un-follow people

– Block/unblock users

– Navigate reply chains

– Inline web browser

– Inline TwitPic image viewer

– Upload pictures to TwitPic

– Update your twitter location

– Unparalleled scrolling performance

– Post links with automatic link shrinking

– Uses secure connection (https)

– View twitter trends and perform custom searches

– Nearby searching

– Save your favorite searches

– Instapaper integration

– Links to StockTwits

– Optional landscape keyboard

– Themes

User Interface

The first thing you will notice about Tweetie is that it can handle multiple Twitter accounts so if you have more than one account this app would be perfect for you.

The UI is simply amazing, it feels just like a native iPhone app. Switching from one account to another is the same way as you switch one email account to another. Current version of Tweetie offers two themes Simple and Chat Bubbles (iChat bubbles interface).

Slide a Tweet to the right or left (same as iPhone unlock gesture) and you get three options to either reply, mark as favourite or checkout user profile.

Reply, Post & User Profile

Once you tap on a particular tweet, Tweetie shows the details of the tweet and here you can @reply (it adds @username for you and can even save drafts) , mark as favourite , Repost Tweet, view links with an inline web browser, Post Link to Tweet or read the complete profile of the person who sent you the Tweet. It provides various options on the user profile to decide whether you want to follow that user or not. You can easily view recent activity by selecting Recent Tweets, perform a @username Search, check followers and who the user is following.

It offers some great features for composing a Tweet. Tweetie can upload pictures to TwitPic, update location (Add Map Link using Google Maps, shorten the URL and inserts in the Tweet) and supports automatic Post link shrinking too.

Trends & Save Search

Tweetie also keeps you updated with an option to view the latest Trends (Tap on a trend to view related tweets), perform custom searches, Save your search and view public timeline.


Tweetie offers some interesting customization options ranging from Instapper Integration, Image Compression level, Landscape keyboard, Font size and Limit initial load to either 20, 50 0r 100.


On one hand Tweetie statifies all the needs of a twitter addict while on the other it can tranform a newbie into a Pro user. With the latest update Tweetie is more fun to use than it ever was!

Price $2.99

The Good

  • Full featured Twitter app which can handle Mulitple Accounts
  • Inline web browser, automatic Post link shrinking, Instapaper integration, location update, save search, save draft, view sent DM.
  • Repost your own Tweet.

The Not So Good

  • Lacks Auto refreshing option (Every 3, 5 or 10 minutes)

Promo Codes

To win Tweetie, Tweet

“Follow @TouchReviews_PR for #iPhone App Reviews and Promo Codes. I want Tweetie Promo Code.”

Please note: Tweet more to make sure you get noticed!

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5 Responses

  1. I’ve always considered getting this, but I feel like Twitterfic lite is the still the best. I’ll have to think about it a little more and maybe I will get Tweetie.

  2. Twitterfon is better for one reason: Its storing the tweets for offline reading

  3. I’m making ur intro vid now 😀

  4. To win promo codes visit the Contest section!

  5. Click on The App icon to buy this app now!

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