Touch Reviews provides all developers a unique platform to promote their Apps through App Reviews, Contests, Promocodes and much more…!

Our Goal: To be the most definitive source for iPhone/iPod touch App Reviews and Promo Codes!

Fight for the Top!

With more than 22177 active apps (at the time of writing) in the App Store, more apps being launched each day and average shelf life of an App being less than 30 days it has become increasingly important for developers to catch customer attention.

Reducing price is no longer the only solution to gain Sales. Even premium apps need visibilty…

We are offering a creative platform where Developers can promote their Apps and also keep existing customers coming back to their Apps again and again…


  • Featured App Section
  • Contests – Engage the buyer in competitions
  • Reviews – Unbiased
  • Emailers
  • HTML Banners – your Banner on more than one page.
  • Advertise

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Readers Response!

“Just picked up Tweetie for my iphone – TY for the review! Well done…” @cpudan

“Just downloaded this app (on the recommendation of this very review)… definitely digging it so far. I was using TwitterFon previously, which was good — especially for being free, but this is a much better app. I love the trends and nearby features!” @bsteels

“Other than the fact you actually engage us one-on-one, I like the depth you provide in addition to breaking down pros and cons.” @walruscp

“I gotta say I like Touch Reviews because you actually respond to people on Twitter and provide everyone a chance for free apps!” @BMahl

“Only just heard of Touch Reviews through here but I have to say that the Tweetie review was one of the most detailed ones I’ve read” @blerg

“I like Touch Reviews, because it’s the best iphone/itouch app review site out there. Very comprehensive reviews and cool giveaways!” @mrholder

“Touch Reviews is great b/c it gives comprehensive breakdowns on the apps (pro and cons) & engage with the readers via giveaways” @JamesRamsay

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